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The Hot Dip Galvanizing is a metallurgical process which helps to protect steel materials from corrosion caused by potential exposure to harsh environments. This can be achieved through numerous galvanizing types and it safeguards materials over time from degrading while maintaining their properties unaltered.

The Hot Dip Galvanizing process consists in submerging metal products in a molten zinc bath. This causes a metallurgical reaction that bonds both metals’ external layers, creating a homogeneous and highly resistant surface.

Chosen for more than 150 years as the best means for protecting metal from deterioration, the hot dip galvanization nowadays is preferred mostly because of its versatility and sustainability. It also guarantees the products’ longevity and an overall lower investment cost.

General Galvanizing Plants

The General Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants are destined for the galvanizing of various materials. These plants are designed according to different factors.

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Centrifuge Galvanizing Plants

The Centrifuge Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants are destined for the galvanizing of all those small products that after being immersed in the galvanizing kettle need to be centrifuged in order to eliminate the excess of zinc.

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Pipes Galvanizing Plants

The Pipes Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants are complete automatic and allow the galvanizing of water/gas pipes with diameter from 1/2“ to 8” and with length from 4,5 m to 7,5 m.

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