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General hot dip galvanizing plants

The General Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants are destined for the galvanizing of various materials.

These plants are designed according to different factors:

» Type of materials to be galvanized
» Required productivity
» Degree of automation
» Available areas
» Budget

On the basis of these factors, SIRIO together with the Customer choose the best type of layout and management system (manual, semi-automatic or automatic).

Support in all the phases of the project

SIRIO, thanks to the experience gained in this field, provides to the Customer the necessary support in all phases of the project:

» Feasibility study and investment evaluation
» Detailed design and engineering
» Construction
» Erection or assistance to erection
» Start-up
» Training of Customer operators

Engineering, construction and erection:

  • Turnkey Plants
  • Galvanizing Furnace with flat flame burners or high velocity burners
  • Electrical Furnace
  • Dryers
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Passivation and Cooling Tanks
  • Auxiliary Equipment
  • Pretreatment Tanks (Static or Dynamic)
  • Turbines (Dynamic Pickling Devices)
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Tunnels Enclosures to contain pretreatment tanks
  • Enclosures on the Furnace
  • Handling Systems and Special Hoists
  • Suction and Neutralization Units for Acid Fumes
  • Suction and Filtering Units for Galvanizing Fumes
  • Regeneration Units for Fluxing Solutions
  • Acid Pumping and Storage Units
  • Acid Treatment Units
  • Hardware and Software for Supervision and/or Complete Automation


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